Simha Kit is an AI powered, telematics platform that helps tractor owning farmers and earn up to 30% more income from their assets.

3000+ Tractors

800K Acres Worked

 ₹18 Cr. More Income

Location Tracking & Work Status Report

Efficient Billing via automated Area/Distance/Time calculation

Fuel level monitoring & management

Easy accounting & effective collection

Artificial Intelligence for Billing

Farmers today are running blind on how much area of service they have provided. Imagine running a taxi without a meter!

Our patent pending technology can process 500 million points every day to get near realtime area of work done and detect fraudulent usage

Easy Accounting for Improved Collection

Farmers typically get paid several weeks after providing a service. They waste several hours daily in maintaining accounts

Simha Kit's AI automatically recognizes any work done by tractor and creates a work log for easy accounts. This dramatically cuts the time farmers spend in keeping books and frees them to focus on their core.

Hear from our customers:

Kunjir ji

Farmer, Maharashtra

User for 2 years

Simha Kit has made a big impact in my life. I started the kit with one tractor. I have now installed it on both my tractors & it's giving me 15-20% more profit

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Farmer, Uttar Pradesh

User for 10 months

I'm making 35% more money from my 3 tractors because of Simha Kit. It has helped me manage my tractors and driver so much better.

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We are driven are a team of 30+ engineers, coders, product designers & sales mavericks.

Our team previously  designed electric race-cars and raced at FS Silverstone, launched a satellite as part of IITB Pratham and worked on chips that power self driving cars. We're now focused on one of the most important problems our country faces: How do we improve farmer incomes with technology?

Our Background & Story

We are a profitable startup with Series A funding by Mahindra and Whiteboard Capital and incubated by Qualcomm and recognized startup by DIPP

Awarded the prestigious QDIC Grant of INR 70Lakhs at the hands of Hon. Cabinet Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad. 

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